Smoked Meat: Bringing a World of Possibilities to the Table

You’ll find there are dozens of ways to cook meat of all types. Baking and roasting take time, but they help eliminate much of the fat so many meats naturally contain. Of course, many people add butter to the mix when baking or roasting meats to add an unrivaled flavor and create a unique texture on the skin of the meat. Frying is arguably one of the best cooking methods. Though it’s not exactly the healthiest option, you can’t beat the taste and crunch of a piece of fried anything. Boiling and steaming may be healthier approaches to cooking meat, but many insist they leave much to be desired in the way of flavor and texture.

When Smoking Becomes Good for You

Smoking meat offers numerous benefits with some of the primary advantages being health related. Using meats that aren’t filled with fat and preservatives is recommended because of all the health issues those elements can cause. That said, the healthiest cuts of meat are often the most undesirable. Smoking them with the help of pink butcher paper makes them tastier and more tender without detracting from their healthiness. That’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Cooking meats slowly at lower temperatures is a well-known way to keep them tender and juicy. This can be achieved in the oven and slow cooker, but those aren’t the only options. Smoking meats achieves the same effect, and it gives them a flavor other cooking method can’t hold a candle to. When you smoke meats, they’re guaranteed to turn out tender and filled with gorgeous juice as long as you’re patient enough to let them cook thoroughly and don’t forget about them along the way.


Almost everyone fears the possibility of eating tainted meat. Bacteria begin growing on meat before processing begins, and they can quickly take over after the fact even if the meat is kept cold and protected. If you don’t cook the meat thoroughly, additional microorganisms can become an issue as well. All those pathogens can certainly cause their fair share of illnesses and are even deadly under some circumstances. Smoking meat can create a less-than-ideal environment for bacteria, so they’re not as likely to be a problem.


It’s impossible to beat the flavor of smoked meat. Smoke gives the meat a distinct taste and smell, and the two seem to enhance one another in endless ways. It’s even possible to customize that combination by using different types of wood to smoke the meat. Adding various herbs and spices to the mix brings entirely new layers to the table as well.

Inundated with Advantages

Few things can compare to the smell and flavor of smoked meat. When you add in the health benefits of this cooking method, you have a near-perfect combination of advantages. Versatility shouldn’t be ignored, either. Considering the different types of meat, varieties of wood, and blends of herbs and spices you could use, there’s an endless range of possibilities at your disposal. Though ovens, pots, and other alternatives certainly have their places, they struggle to live up to the standards of the smoker.