The Catering Checklist for Events

Catering plays a crucial role in the success of an event. Caterers are introduced to prepare delicious food for the guests which will bring them together. However, catering food is not everything; it is vital to provide excellent customer service.

In order to keep everything smooth at the event and manage the details behind the scenes, you need preparation as well as a checklist for catering, especially when it is catering for an event. You need to plan the whole event details, write them down and assign tasks to specific team members. Getting a software for event caterers can be a great help in this regard. Here is the catering checklist that might help you on the big day.

  1. Table Settings

As a caterer, your priority for any event should be setting up the tables in a fair manner for the guests. Since this is a matter of creating a great impression of your client, you should use a lot of your creativity for setting up these tables including the decorative and functional elements. The event should have a stunning and gorgeous look with the help of the right equipment and tools so that the guests have a great day to remember. Here’s what you need for setting up the tables to allow the guests to enjoy their meal.

  • Tablecloths
  • Fabric or paper napkins
  • Salad plates
  • Dinner plates
  • Bread plates
  • Centerpieces
  • Wine glasses
  • Water glasses
  • Sugar holders
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Finger food containers
  • Cake stands
  1. Serving Equipment

Next, you need some serving equipment to make distributing food and drinks efficiently to the guests of the event. It is recommended to take some classy and sturdy items for serving. Some serving trays are necessary to serve food at most events. You should also get several bus bins for holding dirty dishes and foods after people have finished eating. In addition, you need to have some durable and nice looking water pitchers, always try to have enough water to keep things going smoothly.

  1. Buffet Equipment

However, if the event you are catering is a buffet event, you will need some different components for serving. Here’s what you need for a buffet event:

  • Sturdy and uniform plates
  • Chafing dishes for keeping food warm
  • Serving baskets
  • Tongs for salads and other difficult to scoop items.
  • Fuel to power chafing dishes
  • Matches or lighters
  • Rolled silverware
  • Cutting boards & Cutting knives
  • Dishcloths

This setup covers most buffet serving equipment for serving at a buffet-style event. However, do not hesitate if you think introducing some more items will enhance your serving experience. You should make this checklist before the day of the event and ensure full preparation.

  1. Beverages

Next, you have to ensure that your guest’s thirsts are quenched by having a beverage station. It is the easiest way to provide drinks at an event.  Beverage needs to be adequately stocked, and here’s what you need to stock and serve beverages at an event:

  • Glasses for water and soft drinks
  • Coffee cups
  • Straws
  • Pitchers having enough water and ice
  • Napkins to wrap around hot drinks
  • Garbage can for holding drink rubbish
  • Ice tubs to keep canned soda or other beverages
  • Baskets to hold teas, hot cocoas, sugar, etc.

If you follow this food and beverage checklist, your team can keep guests from being thirsty.

5. Special Needs and Dietary Restrictions

Just like our fingers, every guest will not be the same, and they may follow different diets due to dietary restrictions or special needs. Some guests may be vegetarian, and some can be non-vegetarian. But when you are committed to satisfying all of the guests of an event, you can never ignore them while preparing food. That is why it is vital to consider Special Needs and Dietary Restrictions in a catering checklist. It is always suggested to put these needs on the checklist early because an event planner may not always know the dietary restrictions of individual guests.

If you can ensure that even the guests with special needs or dietary restrictions enjoy a specially designed meal, it will make them feel that they are essential.

To conclude, a perfect catering plan deserves a catering checklist which you can rely on. You should focus on each detail of an event to make it a memorable one.