Who is the winner of coffee VS tea?

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What are the benefits of coffee?

What are the benefits of tea?

Here is what you need to know about tea and coffee

Health benefits of tea and coffee

Why you should not quote tea or coffee?

The war between coffee and tea is not something new, there is a big fan following of both tea and coffee all over the world.

It is very obvious to start the day with tea or coffee and we never feel awake unless we start the day with tea or coffee.

Coffee or tea?

They are considered a good stimulant as well and people prefer to start their day with them.

If you are a wine addict, start using tea or coffee because they are a lot better than wine.

Coffee is also regarded as the modern trend and people also drink it as a fashion as well. There are different kinds of both tea and coffee and they are planted all over the world. Coffee has more flavors in it as compared to the tea.

Acidity in Coffee VS tea

The acidity of coffee VS tea is what people consider before using them. Tea is usually more acidic as compared to coffee. The pH of tea is 6.37 and on the other hand, the pH of coffee is 5.35

The level of the caffeine in coffee is a lot more than the tea considered double if calculated quantity wise.

Pros of tea

Tea is considered healthier and some herbs in it are helpful in defending the body against cancer as well. The use of green tea is also common and it helps in controlling the blood pressure.

Tea also decreases the fatty acids in the body and helps you maintain a slim and healthy body. Especially green tea is rich in antioxidants.

Pros of coffee

Coffee is also considered very healthy and is good for diabetes patients. The caffeine in coffee is also an important thing which is an effective agent.

Coffee decreases fatigue and keeps you fresh. In short, they both have their own benefits and are equally loved among all parts of the world.