The Most Popular Topping for the ‘No Humble Pie’

There’s nothing delicious like a pizza with your favourite toppings and pizza sauce served hot and piping from the oven. Pizza is a massively popular food with a simple combination of a variety of ingredients including, dough, sauce, cheese, herbs, toppings, spices, and more. Sure, you must have tried pizza with extra cheese and toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms, and pineapple. But, there are other wild toppings used by the leading pizza restaurant in Vancouver to soothe your palate.


Are you not a type who orders a salad on your pizza? Think twice! Kale is one of the best toppings for veggie lovers and tastes delicious when cooked. It’s rich in vitamin C and fibre and can be accompanied with mushrooms, garlic, chillies, and cheddar.


This stone-fruit has a tangy-sweet flavour, which is similar to BBQ sauce. A pie topped with nectarine slices and bold cheese will be a perfect choice if you are looking for a BBQ themed pizza. It can be topped along with thyme, balsamic glaze, bacon, and more.


Eggs are one of the weirdest pizza toppings and commonly found in Italy. It can be runny, cooked, or semi-solid, and adding a few to your pie makes it a responsible brunch.

Mac and Cheese

Have you ever tried adding jalapenos and gooey, spicy Mac and Cheese to your pizza? It always takes the excitement to the next level and renders a unique flavour and taste that you’ve never experienced before.

Cashew Cheese

Are you a vegan? Then cashew cheese topping is a to-go option if you are on a vegan and dairy-free diet. This topping has become quite popular these days among vegan foodies and cheese lovers.


Pizza and hummus? Sounds crazy, right? But, it has become an excellent choice for health-conscious individuals and the flavours blend really well together.


Ham is the favourite topping for meat lovers and goes well with Hawaiian and carnivore style pizza.


Garlic is one of the essential ingredients of Italian cuisine and is liberally used to flavour red sauce for a pizza. But, it can also be used as the main topping for pizza. Finely chopped cloves of garlic can be added to a piping hot brick oven pizza to give out a smoky flavour, and it becomes crunchy while cooking.


Anchovies are considered to be a bold choice when it comes to pizza topping and falls into the same category as pineapples and olives. They give out a funky, salty flavour which you cannot experience from other toppings.

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