This Is How to Use a Grill the Correct Way


Grilling is one of the best ways to make delicious food, and it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the outside during warmer months.

If you’re looking for a few tips about becoming a better cook, knowing how to use a grill the right way is a good first step.

Read on for some grilling advice that will help you become the grill master this summer and beyond.

Choosing a Fuel Source

Perhaps you love the convenience of a propane or gas grill, or maybe you prefer charcoal. Picking the right fuel source can be a big factor when it comes to knowing how to use a grill the right way.

For example, a gas grill only needs a quick push of an ignition switch to light the flame. Charcoal typically requires lighter fluid and takes a lot more time to reach the optimum temperature.

Many people prefer gas since it doesn’t leave that unpleasant lighter fluid taste behind. However, if you use pellets or wood as a fuel source, you’ll get a delicious smoky flavor.

How to Use a Grill: Prep Your Grates

While there are many types of grills out there, almost all of them use grates as the main cooking surface. Before you cook your food, you need to make sure that the grates are clean and ready for fresh food.

Choose a grill that uses grates made of quality materials like this one, which uses cast iron: Regardless of the grill material, it’s imperative that your grates are clean and ready to go.

Use a grill cleaning tool before you start cooking, and wipe everything clean with a wet cloth to ensure a sanitary surface. Food cooked on dirty grates isn’t just unsanitary, but it can also leave nasty bits of old food stuck to the new food.

Monitor Your Food

Whether you’re learning about grilling for beginners or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s vital that you constantly monitor your food while you grill. If you leave it on too long, your delicious steak can end up burnt.

Keep the lid open if your food is about 3/4-inches thick or less. This will prevent it from burning and will ensure that you’re monitoring the progress properly.

For thick steaks, burgers, and more, you can leave the lid closed. However, you should continue to check on your food and turn it over occasionally to ensure that everything cooks evenly. A meat thermometer is also a good tool to include so that you know your food is cooked to a safe temperature.

Make Amazing Food this Summer

Keep this basic grilling advice in mind when you learn how to use a grill the right way for memorable, delicious meals. With the right fuel source, a clean cooking surface, and a little bit of TLC, your grilled food should taste amazing.

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