What are the best Malay food recipes?

Some of the best Malay food recipes are mentioned below:

  • NasiLemak – Malaysians commonly consume NasiLemak as their breakfast though they also eat this dish as lunch and at times, dinner too. The Malay version comprises sambal, egg, peanuts, anchovies with the chief component of rice which they cook in coconut milk.
  • NasiKerabu – This is blue-colored rice which is cooked either with turmeric or plain. Commonly, it is served to the people with chicken or fish. Additionally, the Malay people include pickles and crackers for enriching this meal.
  • Chicken Rice – This is an ideal combination of rice and flavored chicken. Commonly, Malay people eat it as their dinner or lunch in place of breakfast.
  • Rendang – This dish is served as the main food and it is hugely popular with the meat-lovers. The meat receives the flavor from ginger, coconut milk, lemongrass, chili, shallots, and turmeric.
  • Laksa – These are rice noodles that are commonly served with fish, prawn, or chicken within a flavored soup and this clear soup is created from sour asam or curry and spicy coconut milk.
  • NasiKandar – This is traditional rice which can be served along with meat ingredients, like beef, prawns, fish, lamb, or chicken.
  • Lemang – Malay people cook this rice in coconut milk before placing it in the bamboo sticks. It is served in banana leaves so that bamboo sticks remain separated from the rice.
  • AsamPedas – This dish is created from sour-spicy fish. The unique thing about this recipe is here, fish is cooked in fruit juice besides spices and chili.
  • Roti Canai – This recipe is nothing but crispy and fluffy bread.
  • Satay – The chief characteristic of this well-known meal is here, meat is being seasoned prior to grilling.
  • Dim Sum – This style of breakfast is highly common in Malaysia and every kind of food gets served in bamboo steamer baskets whether fried or steamed.
  • Kaya Toast – This is a jam buttered-toast which is served with soy sauce and boiled eggs.
  • Durian Cake – This is considered one of the highly popular methods for attempting a durian and this cake tastes mouth-watering and full of chocolate. It also has a creamy texture.
  • The tarik – This is a highly popular drink for Malaysians because of this method of cooking. This is mixed as well as served with condensed milk. Again, Tehtarik is also considered Malaysian’s national drink.

The use of the utensils

For cooking Malaysian recipes, Malays use pans and non-stick pots. Again, in place of using a stainless steel spoon or stirrer for cooking, Malays use wooden spoons. For treading seasoned meat, they use fine metal skewers or Satay sticks. Again, Malay people also need a grill for some special vegetarian dishes and meat dishes that are commonly available in the cuisines of Malaysia.