Which Cheese Is Ideal To Prepare Quesadillas?

A quesadilla is a typical dish that you can find in any Mexican restaurant. It is a type of taco consisting of a tortilla that is filled with melted cheese. Not just Mexican shredded cheese, you can add other savoury ingredients such as meat, spices, and vegetables before they are grilled.

You can commonly find two types of quesadilla, a full quesadilla is made with two tortillas that hold shredded cheese between them, and a half is one tortilla that has been filled with shredded cheese and folded into a half-moon shape.

The History of the Quesadilla

The origin of the Quesadilla is colonial Mexico, and it used to be the essential meal or snack cooked in every Mexican family kitchen. Traditionally, a corn tortilla was used to make this dish, but it can be made with a flour tortilla, particularly in northern Mexico and the United States.

The quesadilla as food has evolved over these years; people have tried making it with different variations. They fill the Quesadilla with their favourite ingredients along with the cheese. The recipe has been influenced by other cultures along its way of evolution. The major culture that has contributed to the dish are:

North America: They started having corn tortillas during the Columbian times, i.e., before 1492, they were considered as a staple food.

Italy: Italians used Oaxaca cheese (a semi-hard cow cheese) to fill the Quesadillas. This method was introduced by Dominican monks to Mexico.

Spanish: The addition of pork and beef to the Quesadillas came from the Spanish influence. The meat was not part of Quesadillas until Spanish arrived in Mexico in the early 1500s.

The Type of Cheeses Used To Make Quesadillas

Quesadillas is all about cheese, and good cheese makes a good quesadilla. If you want an excellent Quesadilla, you have to use good quality cheese in the right amount.

Before deciding which cheese to use, ask yourself a question – Does the type of cheese you are using to make Quesadillas possess both superior melting abilities and a sharp flavour or does it become a big gob after heated?

The type of cheeses used depends on the cook or the restaurant. If you are preparing Quesadillas at home, try several different kinds of cheese until you find your favourite.

Each Mexican cheese gives your Quesadillas a distinct flavour. Generally, Chihuahua cheese, Cotija Cheese, Oaxaca Cheese, Queso Panela, Queso Fresco, Cheddar, Monterey Jack Cheese are used to make Quesadillas. You can use mozzarella but in very less amount. Don’t try making Quesadillas with cheddar, and it is too greasy to use in quesadillas by itself.

To make the most of your Quesadillas, consider using a mix of cheeses. Monetary Jack has an amazing melting ability, but it’s too bland. Mixing it with some cheddar adds a good taste to your dish. A shredded cheese blend like the Pure Dairy’s Mexican Cheese blend that combines four Mexican cheese, including Natural cheddar, Monetary Jack, Asadero, and Quesadilla, can be a good option for preparing Quesadillas in Australia and elsewhere.