8 Summer Cocktails to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is the season in which you can try different refreshing drinks and cocktails are the best drink to try in summer. You need to stay hydrated wherever you go. So, you can try making these Cocktails by adding fruits and some wine or any other ingredient that you like. It will be the best combination and twist. Make your summers amazing but these drinks. Some of the drinks will be sweet and some bitter and some will be a blend of different ingredients. Discover the most amazing cocktails here.

Lemon Basil Vodka Gimlet

This drink is made normally using lemon juice and fresh basil. Fresh basils are used in summers not only in drinks but in foods as well, it is herbal and amazingly refreshing. Basil seeds are amazing for your body, they help in digestion, inflammation, and other problems. This drink tastes citrus, not so sweet. When adding 1 or 1.5 ounces of vodka it tastes even better.

Milagro Fresh Margarita

Margaritas are famous all over the world in the summers. It gives a refreshing feeling and it will internally beat the heat. This drink has 3 ingredients: tequila is the main flavour, there is lemon juice and agave nectar. This drink is salty, sweet and a bit sour too. Its flavour also depends on the tequila you are using in the drink. Try and you will never regret it, it is one of the miraculous drinks in summers.

The Real Mojito

It is one of the easiest drinks to make. This drink is pretty refreshing for summer days. People around the world use this drink more often in summer. It is made of mint leaves, all other ingredients are refreshing too. Adding vodka with mints leaves and sugar gives it bitter and sweet taste both. Mint leaves help in digestion and cools down the body temperature. People even drink mint leaves water just to cool down their temperature. It does wonders.

Pina Colada

If you are looking for a good drink to have in summer then Pina colada is a drink you should try, nothing can beat this. It is rich in taste with sweet and creamy taste having coconut and rum. You can simply make it a part of a summer party because it is not an everyday drink. It is up to you if you want to have in a slush form or the blended one. Pina colada is known to be utilized all over the world because of its coconut ingredient. It has a lot of calories.

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb is unique and a happy cocktail. This cocktail is usually made with cherry vodka, lime, and grenadine. These are 3 simple ingredients; you can also add red bull for certain energy or flavour. It has a bomb shot recipe that you can use and make something amazing. The colour of this cocktail which is pink looks so beautiful. It is perfect to distribute to any party or gathering. This drink is so cold that it will certainly beat the summer heat. It is one easy drink to make, find out more recipes and try them.

Frozen Summer Slush

This is a great cold summertime thirst-quencher. Slush itself is an enchanting drink, the crushed ice drink in different flavours makes a great cocktail. Frozen summer slush is usually made of gin. But you can add any other liquor according to your choice. You can make a fruity cocktail out of it as well. Trying different recipes will help you make some amazing blend of it. This drink is so energizing on warm summer days and anybody who has had it loves it. You can drink it daily by changing the ingredients.

Strawberry Sparkle

This is a revitalizing summertime brew with garden-fresh strawberries emphasized by glistening wine- you can buy wine online too. Relish an infinite summertime with these delightful cocktails. This drink is healthy as well for your body, it provides Vitamin C and Potassium through strawberries. Make it a habit to try cocktails twice a week, so you do not catch heat.

Peach Punch

Peach punch cocktail is a sweet drink with a peachy flavour. This cocktail is amazing in summer and spring. You don’t have to wait for summers to come for this cocktail, it is very delicious for welcoming drinks at the party. Add some peaches, oranges, sugar, lemon juice and champagne for a wonderfully diverse adult liquid refreshment. It will be a hit for you. Peaches also help in brain development, lowers the risk of cancer and other diseases. Make your summers healthier and pleasant with some vibrant cocktails.