The best way to cook hot dogs and make them perfect

Hot dogs are one of the most favorite foods when it comes to Americans. One of the reasons why they love hot dogs is because they’re simple and do not take much time in cooking. There is a hot dog cart in every nook and corner of the street and they are not that pricey as well.

The hot dog usually consists of a sausage, mainly a chicken sausage and a simple bun. The cooked hot dog is placed inside the bun and is topped with mustard and ketchup. This is the basic method of eating a hot dog however, some people may add a variety of toppings as well such as relish and cheese etc.

There is no particular way or the best way to cook the hot dogs however the usual style involves just boiling the sausage to make it edible. However, there are many ways that you can adopt to cook the hot dog. They are as under:

  1.       Grilling
  2.       Baking
  3.       Steaming
  4.       Poaching
  5.       Deep fried
  6.       Flame grilled


Grilling is considered to be the quickest and easiest way to cook a hot dog. However, it does not always give the best taste when it comes to grilling a hot if you do not know how to do it properly. Grilling often leaves the hot dog dry if cooked for a longer period of time. You need to just pick up the hot dog from the grill when they get a good char from the grill and place it in your long bun and there you have it, the perfectly cooked hot dog.


Another best way to cook the hot dog is to bake them and then grill them. Baking the hot dog retains the moisture inside the hot dog so when you grill it, it does not go completely dry. However, it does take longer as compared to the grilling method.


Steaming is not a very new method of cooking when it comes to cooking a hot dog. It is the most usual and every day method of cooking a hot dog. It is used by a number of people and also in the hot dog carts that sell the hot dogs. The process involves boiling the sausage first in water and then slightly flying it using butter. This would definitely make the sausage delicious.


Poaching is another method of cooking the hot dogs. It involves poaching the hot dogs in hot water for about 25 minutes. What this does is that it cooks the hot dog from within and makes them soft and juicy. The kind of hot dog that everyone wants however it does not have a mesmerizing taste like a grilled hot dog but many people like their hot dogs this way. Another method some people use to give a good flavor to the hot dogs is that they poach the sausage in a beef broth or chicken broth. This can do wonders for your palette.

Deep Fried

Deep frying a hot dog is one of the best ways to eat a hot dog as considered by the people in New Jersey. They love their hot dog fries. This involves deep frying the sausage. What this does is give the sausage a nice crispiness which is to die for. Top it with a line of ketchup and mustard and this would do the job.

Flame grilled

Flame grilling basically means just cooking the sausage directly on an open flame. This is a good way of cooking a sausage for the hot dog but at times it is risky. Why? Because we do know that the sausage is cooked from the outside because of the char it develops on the outside but we don’t know for sure if the hotdog is cooked on the inside.

Perfect hot dog

When it comes to the perfect hot dog our winner is poached hot dog. You simply poach the sausage and then grill it over the grilling plate and put in the bun and top it with ketchup and mustard and serve. This would give you a perfect hot dog. If there’s anyone who has never had a hot dog and is dying to try one. We recommend taking them to a place which serves hot dogs made by poaching and grilling, and serving it with cocktails.

If you don’t like a grilled hot dog, you may even barbecue it. It will give you this amazing unforgettable flavor. There are a variety of toppings to choose from now which will give your hot dog an amazing taste. One of the most favorites is the cheese hot dog which has been introduced recently.

Try out all these methods to find out what you think is the best way to cook the hot dog perfectly.